The Fear of Social Media in the building industry.

Morning All,

The summer of 2018 has been a fast-moving period for the company and it has only just started to get going for us. With the summer holidays drawing to a close I wanted to take this time to pause and evaluate the progress we have made so far. The past few weeks have been spent wisely in terms of investing time in building an online presence for the company to stand on and is something I think is of great importance. Especially in the increasingly technological world we live in and the reliance we place upon social media with regards to both advertising and marketing opportunities. After some lengthy conversations with individuals from all areas of the industry in the local area, we agreed upon the fact that whether it be due to the fear of putting yourself out there or the opinion that it is simply not worth the hassle, many companies neglected their online presence. This is something as an individual I have never done and never will. 

Previously, social media audiences were often viewed as primarily focused on the age bracket of millennials. However, in recent years the large majority of the population has embraced the use of smart phones and social media. They are used for shopping online, researching products and even booking chippies. Although many of the top national construction companies have started to move online the local companies are still in their early stages. The times are changing and the industry has to change alongside it in order to stay up with the game. For us, the use of social media has allowed us to reach a much larger network of people already. It is allowing us to build upon our already trustworthy reputation and is making our products more accessible to a wider range of people. Social media whether you like it or not leads to a boost in awareness and web traffic which can only be a good thing.

The main channels we have chose to develop is our Facebook, Instagram and website pages and these are by no means at the finished product we want. It is important to keep these updated and to be able to move quickly with the free-flowing nature of the industry. It has been an interesting learning curve and pathway so far and I am looking forward to see how it develops further in the future. Keep an eye out for further blog updates, topics will range from the development of the company itself and the projects we are undertaking to discussions on the sector as a whole. 

Steve Bonner.